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On Campus Programs

These programs are specially designed for the young individuals who are a bundle of knowledge and need the right guidance to flourish. Communication is essentially the transfer of ideas, messages or information from one person to another. It is effective when it gets the desired action or response. Basic communication skills are essential for continued success, whether personal or professional. At the very base one needs to understand the communication process. No matter how good and effective a communicator one maybe, yet the fact is that one does face certain barriers, from time to time, which forces them to work on becoming even more effective in their skills to communicate Our development program helps you to break these barriers and become an effective communicator.

Basic Communication Skills And Speech Enhancement Program

In this Era of recession, language of presentation is the reflection of knowledge, capability and personality. ENGLISH is the most commonly accepted language in the world and hence is the KING of all languages. Confident usage of English gives an added advantage to the persistent educational qualities. Communication quality has become a qualifier for the talent possessed. An effective communication capability opens a trail of opportunities which lead to ultimate success. The Basic program has been developed keeping in mind the beginners so that they can sail through the training program with ease. It is a step by step training methodology that we plan for our students.


  • Power of Vocabulary and
  • Voice and accent. [ Received Pronunciation]
  • Vocabulary
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Pronunciation and Syllable stress
  • Listening skills
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Practical assessment


The Advanced program is a next level training module designed for a better professional knowledge of communication skills. All these programs have been finalized as per the student’s capability and the general requirement.


  • Basic Speech enhancement program
  • Advanced Vocabulary
  • Modes of listening
  • JAM sessions
  • Debates
  • Group Discussions
  • Spoken English Practice sessions
  • Presentation skills
  • Power of Voice


Think of a Leader you admire? What constitutes a good leader? The essence of good leadership is a leader with good communication skills, excellent team building capacity and the ability to bring the best out of everybody. Our approach is both challenging and insightful and our aim is to develop each individual's leadership style A true leader is one who brings along inspiration and motivation for the team. A Leader has a vision and encourages the team also to strive towards the desired results. We are here to get the leader inside everyone come out and flourish in this competitive world. Our well researched Leadership training pattern helps to make potential aspirants as leaders and managers This Public Leadership Course is suitable for anyone taking on a leadership role. This is a dynamic, experiential course with participants involved in games and exercises, recreating and re-running real interpersonal situations and using the learning of each day to create more positive outcomes. This Public Leadership Course is suitable for anyone taking on a leadership role.


  • Effective communication
  • Business soft skills
  • Group Discussion and case studies
  • Email Etiquettes
  • Effective time Management
  • Personality Development
  • People Management
  • Performance targeting
  • Behavioral Management
  • Team Handling skills
  • Management skill enhancement
  • Anger and stress management
  • Presentation with impact
  • The Leadership Impact Model


If you have an upcoming interview, polishing your skills in an in-depth with one to one coaching could very well make the difference between success and failure. These sessions deal with issues such as handling your nerves, managing the interview arena, knowing what questions to ask, what to do when you feel wrong footed, what to do when your mind goes blank, becoming a good story teller, how to tell whether the company is right for you. Whether you are going for a new job, a promotion or even have to interview for a job you already have, working with one of Impact Factory's Interview Skills experts will give you enthusiasm, energy, clarity and above all confidence to give the best possible interview. The coaching is specifically for people who have an important interview coming up. Our one to one interview skills coaching sessions are designed to give you the best possible chance of getting the job. We will look at all the ways that you personally can maximize the chances of succeeding at interview in its own self. Utilizing this opportunity to succeed and grow needs preparation and we help you with it. *** Get prepared with the best techniques and crack the interview with a bang.***


  • All the factors that affect your interview situation.
  • Preparing an impactful personal statement
  • Raising your awareness of the impression you make and how to change it.
  • Different sorts of questions and how to deal with them


  • Controlling your anxiety
  • Making a good first impression
  • Making good eye contact
  • Handshake philosophy
  • Dressing for success
  • Answering skills irrespective of the difficulty level
  • The "Tell me about yourself" question
  • Closing the interview.[ The leaving with an impact attitude]


  • Interview Skills
  • Communication soft skills
  • Presentation Skills & Groups Discussions
  • IQ enhancement
  • Analytical Skills.
  • Personality Development
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Telephonic interview preparation
  • Confidence booster therapy
  • Resume writing
  • Mock interviews with feedback sessions.
  • Telephonic interview preparation
The session is designed specifically for you and the job you're after, so it may contain any or all of the above and more. Whilst we are often comfortable considering our many faults and mistakes, not many of us are that comfortable singing our own praises. To succeed at an interview we are expected to present our very best side and take credit for our achievements - both as an individual and part of a group. This is what our interview coaching session can do for you --- We help you blow your own trumpet without blowing the job!


Enhance both internal and external customer service through proper communication challenge.
Empower business relationships through enhanced interpersonal communication skills.
Increase workplace productivity
Handling employee attrition issue with proper business communication.
Elimination of communication barriers.


  • Business communication basics
  • Verbal and non verbal communication
  • Questioning skills.
  • Handling and organizing team meetings
  • Conference call performance
  • Proper delegation of feedback
  • Perception building through effective business communication